Sunrise Mt. Washington and Tuckerman’s Ravine, from Wildcat Mt. Ski Area Order Item Number W-01


This sunrise was taken from the top of Wildcat Mt. Ski Area in Pinkham Notch, N.H. on leap year day, 1988. The thick overcast helped spot light the sun rays on Mt. Washington, which is the highest mountain in the Presidential Range in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. I had arranged for a snow-maker to take me to the summit before sunrise. While I was driving up through Pinkham Notch on Route 16, I could see the clouds moving in over the Summit of Mt. Washington. I kept my fingers crossed all the way to the summit hoping that they would not block out the sun as it rose over the Atlantic Ocean. I got to the summit of Wildcat Mountain Ski Area and set up, 10 minutes later the sun glowed on Mt. Washington for about 3 minutes giving me great photographs, then it went behind the clouds for the day.

Order Item Number W-01