Mt. Washington, Bretton Woods NH. Order Item Number BW-01

This image of Mt. Washington which is part of The Presidential Range in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire was taken from the grounds of the Mt. Washington Hotel. I was traveling to Franconia Notch State Park in Franconia, NH. to photograph. As I passed the MT. Washington  Hotel the clouds were starting to clear. I told myself I would stop just for a moment.  4 hours later I got back in my car.  The day passed quickly as I photographed many Black and White images of  Mt. Washington and The Presidential Range as the clouds cleared and passed in front of the Presidential Range. I have learned that you never give up on a great photographic chance when you think there is a better one someplace else.  If you leave something you know have for what you think will be better you end up loosing both  photographic chances.


Order Item Number BW-01