Sunset Mt. Nuptse, Himalaya Mountains, Nepal Order Item Number T-10

I had trained for months getting ready for my 1991 trek to base camp of  Mt. Everest.  This photograph of Mt. Nuptse was taken from 18,850 feet the highest point I reached on the trip. My Sherpa was holding the tripod to help keep it steady in the strong winds as the clouds whisked by our feet.  Each afternoon the warm air from India comes up through the Himalayan valleys putting us in the clouds and shutting out the sunsets.  From Gorak Shep which is a camp site 4 miles down valley from Everest  Base Camp we were able to hike up Kallapatar to get above the clouds.  As we descended back to camp through the clouds I was elated and concerned at the same time. The lack of oxygen had me concerned. Did I load the film in my camera correctly? Did I use the correct exposure etc? I would not know until I was home weeks later.


Order Item Number T-10